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Antiva BC 207

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Currency Management Systems


key Features:

  • Can count note size length : 90-200 mm, width / height : 50 —100 mm
  • Heavy duty model, can count all types of notes accurately.
  • Special individual add / accumulation memory for all modes.
  • Special ADD mode & accumulate up to 5 digits i.e. 99,999
  • Vacuum Suction based technology with five suction spindles
  • Useful for bundled note or loose note counting
  • Auto and manual control of counting
  • Check, Batch, Free and Stamp mode of counting
  • Counterfeit currency detection (optional)
  • Advanced self diagnostic mode
  • Low noise operation
  • High reliability and versatility
  • Special dust collecting filters
  • Steel Body with ABS top cover
  • Special one inch four digits turret/ customer display

Technical Specifications

Model ANTIVA BC 207
Counting System Vacuum Suction Type
Note Holding Capacity 200 notes
Counting Speed 100 notes / 3 sec
Counter Advanced Electronic Electromech Counter
Dimension (W x D x H) in mm 330 x 280 x 750 (including castors)
Weight 35 kg
Working Voltage AC 200 — 240 V, frequency — 50 Hz
Vacuum pump 230v, 50Hz; 250 / 340 watts (optional)
Spindle motor 230v; 50Hz; 1440 rpm, 25 watts. (optional 110 V available)
Holder Motor (Gear) 230v; 50Hz; 60 rpm, 25 watts. (optional 110 V available)
Power Consumption Operating 275W (Approx), standby 7 W (Approx.)
Relative Humidity 10 to 75%
Temperature 0-50 deg C
Noise Level 70 db (Approx)

Warranty: One Year on Machine (Subject to terms of use)

Note: Specifications, design and colour of the product subject to change due to continuous development of the product.

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